Trust vs. Belief

Trust vs. Belief

I just started my fourth session of college two weeks ago. These babies FLY by. I know I have quite a few to go but at this rate I’ll be done before I know it. I’m currently taking my first (of three) Anatomy & Physiology classes and College Math. I have to say I’m nervous about both. My hubby says “Yeah but you say that every time and you’re fine” and he’s so right. Why do I worry so much?

So far, I’ve gotten high A’s in all my classes even the ones I was nervous about. I think I just need to trust that I’m where I’m supposed to be and God will bring me through it. At church on Sunday we talked about the difference between trust and belief. Our pastor related it to rock climbing. Belief is seeing someone else strapped in and knowing that the ropes will hold them. Trust is being strapped in, ourselves, stepping over the edge and knowing we will be held. It’s so true.

I have been believing for years. Believing in God that is. But do I, on a daily basis, trust God with my life? Actually step out over the edge and trust. I don’t think so. It’s a hard thing to admit. Honestly, I think I’ve been close a few times. I think I’ve trusted and then reneged my trust occasionally.

What has that brought me? Fear. Such an abundance of fear and worry. What if I don’t pass this test? What if I am wasting time and lots of money? What if? What if? What if? So, as of right now, I am silencing the “what ifs” with a new question.

When has God let me down before?

Answer: He hasn’t. So, why would he start now. Oh sure, there have been lots of things in life that didn’t turn out the way I anticipated. No, they were so much better in the long run. Yes, I’ve had so many hurts in my life. And I’m okay with that.

God has got me just like he always has. I just need to trust it.


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